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Serre des forêts tropicales humides © Manuel Cohen
Serre des forêts tropicales humides © Manuel Cohen

Grandes Serres du Jardin des Plantes (Greenhouses)

Practical information

There are no specific measures in place at the Grandes serres to help guide visually-impaired visitors. However, visually-impaired visitors can use their sticks to guide them by following the concrete rim running along the edge of the path. Nevertheless, the absence of specific measures to help guide visually-impaired visitors means that visiting the Grandes serres on their own is likely to be difficult. The presence of a carer is recommended.

Access to the entrance porch is via the monumental stairway (access via fifteen steps, with no handrail), or using the lift to the right of the flight of steps.

Should the lift be out of order and you wish to avoid using the stairs, ask a security officer to lead you into the greenhouses via another entrance on the same level.

Seating is not provided in the greenhouses.

Access to the upper part of the greenhouses is either via some steps, or a lift accessible from inside the building, at the far end of the desert greenhouse.

Please note:

  • Access to the steps to reach the upper level (serre de Nouvelle-Calédonie - New Caledonia greenhouse) is via the “Rocher” (Rock) entrance, which has a rounded section at face level and sticks out over the path (the Rock is listed as a Historic Monument).
  • The steps themselves have contrasting stair nosings but they are located in a narrow passageway.
  • The handrail alongside the steps incorporates lighting to light up a section of the stairway to compensate for the relative darkness of the passageway.
  • At the top of the steps, there is a passageway that can only be crossed using stepping stones. It is possible to hold onto the handrail to cross, but the area is very dimly-lit.

It is strongly recommended to take the lift to reach the upper level.


Individual visitors and families

To find out about the activities on offer, consult the calendar.

There are a few objects to touch, hear and smell here and there along the visit circuit which might be of interest to visually-impaired visitors.  However, they do not constitute a complete and adapted sensory visit circuit. Many of the labels and panels are in large print on a contrasting background and are located along the edge of the path.

Free admission for visitors with disabilities on self-guided tours (without a guide) (without a guide), as well as for their carer, upon presentation of appropriate ID (disability or priority card). Any additional carers must purchase a ticket at the applicable price. No booking required for unguided visits.


No guided sensory tours offered at this site.