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Paphiopedilum Yachiyo Lady © Thibault Charpentier @hebdomania
Paphiopedilum Yachiyo Lady © Thibault Charpentier @hebdomania

Mille & une orchidées (A Thousand and One Orchids)

This exhibition has ended

23 February - 21 March 2022

The Mille & une orchidées (Thousand and One Orchids) exhibition is an spellbinding journey set amidst the great greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes. it’s an experience that’s sure to entrance both flower enthusiasts and people who just enjoy looking at them.

Opening times

The event has ended

Open six days a week (closed on Tuesdays)

10am - 5pm
Ticket office closes at 4.15pm


Target public

All audiences

Accessible to visitors with reduced mobilityAccessible to blind and visually-impaired visitorsAccessible to deaf and hearing-impaired visitors

Getting here

Grandes serres du Jardin des Plantes (Greenhouses)

57 rue Cuvier
75005 Paris


From 5 to €7

Tickets can be purchased on site or online

The Exhibition

For the 9th edition of Mille & une orchidées (Thousand and One Orchids), the exhibition returns with a number of new additions, including two “showstopper” trails and collaborations with three enthusiasts and influencers.

This year, the poster for the event was produced by photographer/influencer and plant lover Thibault Charpentier, better known under the name @hebdomania.

The two new exhibition trails are an invitation to discover 20 unmissable orchids: one of the trails was compiled by influencer Romain Maire aka @romain.orchids, a well-known figure in the orchid world, and the other by the Museum’s own gardeners and botanists.

For the first time, Romain Maire has collaborated with Corentin Pfeiffer aka @corentinpfeiffer.fleuriste, to create a floral composition with the greenhouse teams, set in the basin at the foot of the giant rock.

Visitors can also enjoy presentations on various orchid specimens like the vanilla orchid.

A 150 m2pop-up boutique, located near the greenhouses, will be open throughout the exhibition. Here you can pick up rare, beautiful orchid specimens from skilled, passionate specialist growers.

Follow the exhibition with the #1001Orchidées hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Cultivating “wild” species

A number of “wild” species, preserved the Museum in its greenhouses at the Arboretum de Versailles-Chèvreloup will be on show for the public. This institution ensures the conservation of living plant collections, using methods which include in-vitro cultivation, a method used as a supplement to traditional horticulture. In fact, the Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) blooming in our homes are produced using in-vitro cultivation.

We met with Arnaud Madela, the gardener in charge of conservation of the Museum’s orchid collection.

The Botanical Gardens of the City of Paris (Auteuil greenhouses) will be unveiling rare specimens from its extraordinary collection which is usually a well-kept secret. To the delight of specialists and neophytes alike, five French orchid producers - Vacherot & Lecoufle, the Orchidium, the Cour des Orchidées, Ryanne Orchidée and Les orchidées du Val D'Yerres - will be displaying highly original plants in the heart of the greenhouse, presented amidst abundant floral arrangements.

As always, two French Orchid associations - the Fédération France Orchidées (F.F.O) and the Association Française, Culture et Protection des Orchidées (A.F.C.P.O.) - will be present in the greenhouse to answer all yours questions and dispense valuable advice on orchid care. This year will also see the introduction of orchid care workshops for small groups, held each Tuesday and at weekends (booking required).

What is an orchid?

In this report, Denis Larpin, head scientist for the collection of living tropical plant species at the Museum, presents the various different types of orchids.